Interested in joining our team?  Check out our position information below and use the link at the bottom to request an application.


• Must be 14 years of age to apply for Party Host Positions, 16 years of age to apply for Porter and Front Desk Positions, 18 years of age to apply for Mechanic Positions, and 21 to apply for Snack Bar and Bartender Positions.
• Have reliable transportation.


• All schedules include working weekends.
• Schedules are based on customer flow, scheduled tasks, and may change without notice.
• We are open holidays; you must be available to work these times as this is our heavy traffic time.

Job Expectations

• Giving fast, friendly customer service is our #1 priority! This includes helping customer at the Front Desk with bowling related needs, at the Snack Bar and Lounge counters with Food & Beverages, on the lanes with mechanical issues and at the redemption counter with arcade redemption customers.
• Employee can be rewarded for outstanding customer service.
• Clean restrooms, clean floors and entrances. This includes sweeping floors inside and outside facility, cleaning outdoor ashtrays and emptying outdoor trashcans, picking up any trash off of floors, cleaning all tables and counters inside facility and cleaning of all glass surfaces within the center.
• Follow all job duty requirements provided in writing or verbal form. Follow all policies and procedures, and be a respectful and professional team member at all times.

Appearance Expectations

• All employees are required to wear only specified uniforms (Park Lanes black polo shirts or t-shirts with denim or Khaki slacks or shorts.)
• Beards, tongue posts/rings, industrial piercing, dermal implants, no , in visible body parts (except earrings for women) and immoderate hairstyles of questionable taste are not allowed.
• All body art must be covered while at work.

Other Expectations

• Park Lanes is a Drug Free Work Place. Pre-drug screening and random drug tests are performed.
• Park Lanes is a Smoke Free Family Facility and we promote a Smoke Free Work Place. Employees of
Legal age may use tobacco products outside the east or west entrance of the building. They must not

Smoke in front of customers and smoking employees will not be paid for smoking breaks. Breaks for smoking opportunities may not be available and can be infrequent.
• Employees must be on time.
• Although there is additional staff to cover employee illnesses, from time to time employees may be required to work over the scheduled shift and may be required to work an extra shift if relief is unavailable.

Hiring Process

Park Lanes is very selective in our hiring and takes steps to make sure there is a good fit between Park Lanes and the potential new team member.

Step 1 – Complete the application and turn it in at Park Lanes. Applications are held for a 45 day cycle. If you have not been called for an open position during that 45 day cycle you will need to reapply to be considered for future job postings at Park Lanes.

Step 2 – If your application meets the requirements of an open position, you will be called for an interview.

Step 3 – Interview with a member of the Management team at Park Lanes to determine if there is a match.

Step 4 – Possible second interviews may take place if additional information is needed or if there are multiple applicants in consideration for an open position.

Step 5 – Proof of Identity and US Citizenship or employment eligibility.

Step 6 – The management team will make a job offer. Before accepting, make sure the job is a right fit for you. Applicants are encouraged to talk to current team members at Park Lanes to find out what the job is like.

Step 7 – Accept position and begin training during probationary period. At the completion of probationary period determine if you desire to be a permanent team member.

Promotions Opportunities

• Promotions are based upon employee’s job performance over an extended period of time.
• Promotions are generally internal.

Park Lanes does check all prior employment history and references provided. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our hiring procedure.